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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster management organizations that are benchmarked demonstrate their interest in striving for excellence. For being benchmarking under the ESCA benchmarking approach by one of the ESCA experts cluster management organizations are awarded with the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).


This database provides an overview of the clusters that have been benchmarked since November 2010.

Each cluster was analyzed based on an interview of the cluster manager conducted by an impartial ESCA benchmarking expert. The interview covers 36 indicators with regard to the structure of the cluster, the cluster management and the governance of the cluster, financing of the cluster management, services provided by the cluster management, contacts and interaction within the cluster and achievements and recognition of the cluster.

Results are presented by an individual report to the cluster management and include also recommendations for further improvement in line with the requirements of the cluster quality label that is currently developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.



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Name Comparative portfolio www Label valid until
ACLIMA - Basque Country's Environmental Industry's Cluster Asociation Energy and environment 2015/04/30
ACTM - CATALAN FASHION & TEXTILE CLUSTER Creative industries 2017/04/24
AEI Automoción de la Rioja Production and engineering 2016/06/17
AEI de la Madera y el Mueble de La Rioja Production and engineering 2016/06/16
AERA - Cluster Aeronautico Aragonés Aviation and space 2018/09/06
AERTIC ICT 2016/02/11
Agrofood Murcia Food industry 2017/01/27
Agrupació d’Empreses Innovadores Tèxtils New materials and chemistry 2018/06/30
Agrupacion de empresas innovadoras del transporte y la logistica de la rioja Transportation and mobility 2016/06/16
Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora del Calzado de La Rioja Production and engineering 2016/02/12
Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora del Conocimiento de Asturias ICT 2014/06/18
AINS - Innovative business association of nutrition and health Food industry 2017/03/16
ALIA - Clúster Logístico de Aragón Transportation and mobility 2018/09/06
amec urbis Transportation and mobility 2016/11/18
AMUEBLA - Furniture and Related Industries Production and engineering 2017/01/28
Aragon Food Cluster Food industry 2018/09/06
Arahealth - Aragón Health Cluster Health and medical science 2018/09/06
Asociación Clúster Insignia Empresarial ICT 2016/03/20
Asociación de Investigación de Industrias Cárnicas del Principado de Asturias Food industry 2014/06/20
Associació Clúster Alimentari de Barcelona Food industry 2016/02/19
Associació Clúster de productes infantils de Catalunya - KID'S CLUSTER Creative industries 2017/06/15
Associació Clúster Hàbitat de Catalunya Production and engineering 2017/03/17
Associació del Cluster Aqüicat (Acuiplus) Food industry 2016/09/09
Association of Engineering Cluster Canaries Production and engineering 2016/03/19
AVEP - Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios de Plásticos Production and engineering 2018/06/21
Barcelona Cluster Nautic Maritime technologies, water resources 2017/02/23
Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster Creative industries 2018/04/29
Barcelona Media - Innovation Centre Creative industries 2016/09/26
Beauty Cluster Barcelona Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2017/04/27
Biocat Health and medical science 2015/10/07
BIOIB - The Balearic Islands Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster Health and medical science 2016/07/11
Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica ICT 2016/02/07
Catalan Wine Cluster Food industry 2018/09/08
Catalonia Bio Biotechnology 2017/04/08
Catalonia Gourmet Food industry 2018/01/25
CEEC - Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster Energy and environment 2017/12/21
CENFIM Creative industries 2017/03/04
Centro Espanol de Plasticos New materials and chemistry 2018/02/19
CEQUIP Production and engineering 2018/09/15
CIAC - Clúster de la Indústria d'Automoció de Catalunya Transportation and mobility 2017/03/24
Cicat - The Catalan Lighting Cluster ICT 2018/02/04
CLIQIB: Clúster Industria Química de les Balears Production and engineering 2018/07/12
Cluster Advanced Materials Catalonia New materials and chemistry 2017/11/24
Cluster Aerospacial Aviation and space 2016/09/23
Clúster Alimentario de Galicia Food industry 2018/09/06
Cluster Audiovisual de Canarias Creative industries 2017/10/30
Cluster Audiovisual de Galego Creative industries 2014/06/26
Cluster Biotifarm Biotechnology 2016/12/11
Clúster Canario del Transporte y La Logistica Transportation and mobility 2017/11/26
Clúster de Acuicultura de Galicia Food industry 2014/06/14
Cluster de Automoción de Aragón Transportation and mobility 2013/11/17
Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia Transportation and mobility 2014/06/14
Cluster de Empresas TIC, Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones de Aragón ICT 2015/10/31
Cluster de Refractarios de Asturias New materials and chemistry 2014/06/21
Clúster de Salut Mental de Catalunya Health and medical science 2017/03/09
Cluster del Granito Construction 2018/09/14
Clúster del Sector Naval Gallego Transportation and mobility 2014/06/25
Cluster Digital ICT 2018/05/02
Cluster Energia Energy and environment 2018/05/12
Cluster Energías Renovables Energy and environment 2016/09/24
Cluster Food + i Food industry 2016/02/12
Cluster Food Service de Catalunya Food industry 2017/03/23
Cluster ICT-Audiovisual Creative industries 2016/09/25
Cluster Marítimo de Canarias Maritime technologies, water resources 2016/04/25
Cluster META Food industry 2017/01/20
Cluster Tenerife de Innovacíon Tourística Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2016/03/19
Cluster TIC de Galicia ICT 2015/09/12
CLUSTERMOTO Production and engineering 2016/04/03
Cointega - Cluster Gallego Textil Moda Production and engineering 2015/09/27
Consorcio Tecnológico de la Energía de Asturias Energy and environment 2014/05/03
CWP - CATALAN WATER PARTNERSHIP Maritime technologies, water resources 2018/01/12
Domotys - Spanish Association for the Internationalisation and Innovation of Smart Homes and Building Companies ICT 2017/11/27
Edutech Cluster ICT 2018/11/24
FEMAC Production and engineering 2013/12/02
Foro Maritimo Cluster Maritime technologies, water resources 2015/09/26
GIRA Production and engineering 2014/08/24
Global Sports Innovation Center Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2018/12/21
Grupo BioRioja Biotechnology 2016/06/17
Health-Technology Cluster – HT Cluster Health and medical science 2017/04/15
HEGAN – Basque Aerospace Cluster Aviation and space 2016/11/20
Helice Cluster Aviation and space 2018/09/14
IDESA Technical Consortia AIE Production and engineering 2014/07/10
IDiA ICT 2015/01/30
INDESCAT Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2018/09/28
INNOVACC - Catalan Association for innovation in the pig meat sector Food industry 2017/12/02
Madrid Biocluster Biotechnology 2016/09/24
Manuf@cturias Production and engineering 2014/05/03
Maritim Cluster (NYM) Maritime technologies, water resources 2017/01/22
Natural Stone Industry Cluster (Cluster Piedra) Construction 2017/01/22
Packaging Cluster Food industry 2017/03/26
PIMEC Logistics - Cluster for Supply Chain and Logistics Transportation and mobility 2018/09/09
Railgrup Transportation and mobility 2018/01/27
RICAM - Cluster de Energías Renovables, Medioambiente y Recursos Hídricos de Canarias Energy and environment 2016/03/20
Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster Energy and environment 2014/08/22
Security and Trust Cluster of the Madrid Region ICT 2016/02/28
Sociedad Gestora Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria (PCTCAN) Energy and environment 2014/08/23
Solartys Energy and environment 2017/05/04
Southern European Cluster in Photonics and Optics Micro, nano and optical technologies 2017/09/30
Sustainable Building Cluster Construction 2016/03/19
Tanners Guild of Igualada Textile industries 2018/10/04
The Valencian Cluster of Energy Industries Energy and environment 2013/11/03
TICBioMed Health and medical science 2013/11/02
turisTEC Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2016/11/25
Valencian Textile Business Association Textile industries 2018/09/30
Wood Cluster in Galicia Construction 2014/06/18
ZINNAE - Urban Cluster for the Efficient Use of Water Energy and environment 2019/01/14